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Aprines - Chiefs of Staves by HonourableArthur Aprines - Chiefs of Staves :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 4 4 Kane Sugiartama as ADC in Krasnarus in 1997 by HonourableArthur Kane Sugiartama as ADC in Krasnarus in 1997 :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 11 4 Commodore Jonah Atururi Uniform Set by HonourableArthur Commodore Jonah Atururi Uniform Set :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 4 7 Brigadier Natalis Enbeme Uniform Set by HonourableArthur Brigadier Natalis Enbeme Uniform Set :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 4 24 Makmuria's Location by HonourableArthur Makmuria's Location :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 2 6 Makmuria - M1910 Service Uniform by HonourableArthur Makmuria - M1910 Service Uniform :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 7 2 Makmuria - M1910 Dress Uniform Guards Regiment by HonourableArthur Makmuria - M1910 Dress Uniform Guards Regiment :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 6 2 Makmuria - Guards Lieutenant c.1910 by HonourableArthur Makmuria - Guards Lieutenant c.1910 :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 8 2 Chernarus Defense Force Colonel (Concept) by HonourableArthur Chernarus Defense Force Colonel (Concept) :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 3 4 [Tools] - Custom Cuts by HonourableArthur [Tools] - Custom Cuts :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 5 2 Krasnarus - Ground Force Uniform Set (ORs) by HonourableArthur Krasnarus - Ground Force Uniform Set (ORs) :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 3 0 Krasnarus - Stepejenskij Regiment by HonourableArthur Krasnarus - Stepejenskij Regiment :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 4 2 El Presidente by HonourableArthur El Presidente :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 9 13 Selection of President Sugiartama's Civilian Dress by HonourableArthur Selection of President Sugiartama's Civilian Dress :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 4 13 [British Army] - No.2 Uniform (Other Ranks) by HonourableArthur [British Army] - No.2 Uniform (Other Ranks) :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 5 10 Lapel and Collar Evolution by HonourableArthur Lapel and Collar Evolution :iconhonourablearthur:HonourableArthur 1 4


Princely Apparels: Prince Ariapramono IX clothings by lordelpresidente Princely Apparels: Prince Ariapramono IX clothings :iconlordelpresidente:lordelpresidente 3 0 Rule Britannia! by Wyyt Rule Britannia! :iconwyyt:Wyyt 38 8 ancient javanese Warrior icon design by Banzz ancient javanese Warrior icon design :iconbanzz:Banzz 3 4 Reichsmarine Admiral's Uniforms by tsd715 Reichsmarine Admiral's Uniforms :icontsd715:tsd715 5 2 Imperial Japanese Navy - Admiral Tokugawa by Cid-Vicious Imperial Japanese Navy - Admiral Tokugawa :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 33 15 Author's Self Portrait by Admiralkim Author's Self Portrait :iconadmiralkim:Admiralkim 3 2 Flag of Makmuria, Simple GIF Animation by lordelpresidente Flag of Makmuria, Simple GIF Animation :iconlordelpresidente:lordelpresidente 6 8 Home of Marx by Wyyt Home of Marx :iconwyyt:Wyyt 27 4 I.R.A.F - Dress-Everyday Insignia by Cid-Vicious I.R.A.F - Dress-Everyday Insignia :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 10 13 I.R.N - Dress-Everyday Insignia by Cid-Vicious I.R.N - Dress-Everyday Insignia :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 14 5 P-51D-20 Blank by Grevinsky79 P-51D-20 Blank :icongrevinsky79:Grevinsky79 41 4



Aprines - Chiefs of Staves
The top of the top brass of the Aprinisian Armed Force. Seen here are the Chief of the Armed Forces as well as the Chief of Army, Navy and Air Force. In the AAF, the tenure of a chief of a branch usually lasts between three to five years, whereas the position of Chief of the Armed Forces lasts only three years and the position is rotated between the three branches, meaning each branch gets a turn at having a member of their own branch be the top chief. Given the size of the AAF and how it is organised, those that are the Chief of the Armed Forces gain a four star rank, whereas those that are the chief of the branch are granted a three star rank. Brass below them usually hold a two and one star rank, depending.

Each individual is wearing their highest order of dress, their finery, really. The current Chief of Navy tends to prefer wearing his white ceremonial uniform over the blue, seeing as it suits the climate and is more comfortable. The rest remain with their equivalents. As Aprines remains as a crown subject and is classified as the Commonwealth of Aprines, rather than as a republic, they still wear insignias that align them with the sovereign.

Anyway, you know the drill, from left to right we have the following individuals.

Chief of the Armed Forces - General Nathan Passau

Chief of Army - Lieutenant General Andrew Woollard

Chief of Navy - Vice Admiral Albert Thompson

Chief of Air Force - Air Marshal Geoffrey Jones

Yes, they all seem to have the same medals, although that is somewhat expected as Aprines doesn't have all that many to issue. They do have those that reward gallantry, yet none of these individuals have served in such a situation to be nominated. They do however, wear Order of the Amokura medals, being members of that Makmurian order. These were given for continued cooperation and strengthening ties. You know. All that political nonsense.

Aprines is a nation of my good friend's making. As such, the uniforms were made to his specifications, although I did play around with the tones. Which was one of the main reasons I enjoyed putting this together.

Credits go out to elMengu, ComradeMarshal, Zared-Tregonwell and Tenue-de-canada for their respective assets used.
Kane Sugiartama as ADC in Krasnarus in 1997
Nearing the end of his career with the Army, Captain Sugiartama, as he was back then, eventually found himself as an aide de camp to the senior ambassador to Krasnarus. The shift to a seemingly more relaxed and administrative position from one expected of a Guardsmen seemed quite odd, even to him at the time of his appointment. Sugiartama at that point, had already seen active service in Bosnia and Somalia as part of a United Nations Peacekeeping operation. The company he belonged to were deployed to both of these theatres over time in order to represent Makmuria. He has also seen overseas service in Guatemala as part of the United Nations mission to re-integrate rebels. He and his men were in charge of the security detail of one such camp. Sugiartama was appointed as an aide de camp soon after his return from Guatemala. Once given the run through of his newfound job and issued his aiguillette, he was dispatched to aide the senior ambassador to Krasnarus, in the capital, Slavayagrad. Before departing, he was issued with a patrol blue tunic, to match his white one for the No.6 Ceremonial Uniform, given Krasnarus' cooler climate. Along with that, he bought an officer's greatcoat to better prepare himself for the cooler months, of which his tenure spent most of its time lingering over him.

Sugiartama was at a loss as to why he was nominated to become an aide. He imagined that some captain from a more administrative corps would be chosen for such tasks. As far as he was told, he has been regarded as a commendable officer with the character that would be much at home as an aide. Personally he didn't know how to feel about that recommendation. Where they silently insulting him by saying his character was more suited as a pencil pusher? It shouldn't, as he knew he held a clean record and regarded as an efficient officer. Whatever the case may be, he ended up enjoying his new assignment. Having to lead the guard to and from the palace. The changing of the guard amongst other active duties seemed to be behind him. Now it's mostly just behind the desk, dealing with those that aren't high enough to speak to the ambassador directly as well as maintaining some affairs for him. This included organising travel to accompanying him within the city, embassy or any official event. Sugiartama then later decided to retire from the Army in July of 1999, in order to pursue other ambitions and to also, stay close to his previously born son and wife.

From left to right we can see him in the following uniforms.

No.6B Ceremonial Uniform White - Despite being issued a patrol blue tunic, Sugiartama was on the appropriate occasions, seen to wear this type of uniform. He wore it when the situation beckoned, but wore the full patrol blue variant more instead. If the No.6 was relatively too formal for his assignment, he'd elect the No.1B instead.

No.6B Ceremonial Uniform Patrol Blue - When the No.6 had to be rolled out for the appropriate occasion, he'd tend to don this variant over the more common, at least in Makmuria, No.6 White. Otherwise it would be the No.1B instead.

No.5 Mess Dress Patrol Blue - Much like the No.6, the No.5 Mess Dress came in two flavours. White and Patrol Blue, in order to better suit the climates they were being used in. Given his assignment within Eastern Europe, Sugiartama elected to just bring the Patrol Blue variant instead. He didn't wear his dinner jacket very often. Only during dine-out events at the embassy or other such occasions that were indeed, rare. On a personal note, he didn't care much for dinner jackets. He never saw the Krasnarusian equivalents wear such a uniform, just their blue parade uniform. Seeing as they have no equivalent at all.

Greatcoat - When winter came around and he had to be outdoors for official duties, Sugiartama simply wore the officer's greatcoat he had bought back at the stores in Makmuria. Given the advent of parades and thus, accompanying the ambassador to spectate them, he would don the No.6 Ceremonial Uniform. Given the brisk weather in the winter months, about the time Krasnarus celebrates it's victory parade against Stalinism, he would appear just like this, although really wear an aiguillette with his coat.

No.1B Service Uniform - The parade order of the No.1 Service Uniform, sans the sword, was used where the No.6 was clearly not necessary. He would be dressed in this from time to time. Being a member of the Guards Regiment, he is authorised to wear breeches and jackboots, as that's the norm with the parade order of the No.1, No.2 and No.3 uniforms. They are not worn with the No.6, however. As such, this uniform saw favour with the Krasnarusians whenever they saw him or were dealing with him. Probably because of the boots.

No.2B Service Uniform - This order of dress would be one he would wear for parade occasions back home, rather than his positing. On one particularly warm day in Slavayagrad, the senior ambassador was invited to a wreath laying ceremony. Rather boldly, Sugiartama donned this uniform instead of the No.1B that was originally planned. Given the weather, the ambassador didn't mind at all and was rather amused by the whole idea, knowing the Krasnarusians may of never seen such a uniform type in person at all. Suffice to say, a fair few Krasnarusians were intrigued. Never thinking a short-sleeved service shirt could be decorated so tastefully. It felt very Makmurian to them.

No.1C Service Uniform - This would end up being his everyday uniform for the most part of this assignment. When going about the day to day routines in the embassy or out on business as to were the parade order was more appropriate, Sugiartama would be seen in this. He had always been very fond of the No.1, not finding too many opportunities to wear it outside of guard duties and other duties back home.

No.3C Service Uniform - This is essentially what he would wear during long hours behind a desk, not in full duty directly to the senior ambassador. When the need came, he'd wear his aiguillette, otherwise hang it up whilst going through some paperwork. Sometimes, he'd take off his tunic and be in a similar state to this. Of course, if that were the case, his ribbons, badges and aiguillette would remain on his tunic. He would then fold up his beret and slide it under his left epaulet for keeping or leave it on the desk.

Credits go out to elMengu, ComradeMarshal, Tenue-de-canada and bar27262 for their respective assets used.
Commodore Jonah Atururi Uniform Set
With the chief of the land forces out of the way, we come now, to the commander of the flotila.

Commodore Jonah Atururi is the current chief of the navy. The navy itself is more of a flotila in size, than anything else. Being a British crown subject and as a result, just some unnnamed island nation, there's little need for a proper fleet. Although, someone does need to be in charge of the small fleet of ships. Ships you say? Well, I mean more boats. Smaller vessels. Nothing bigger than a patrol vessel.

Commodore Atururi's set of uniforms are almost identical in purpose as to that of his land forces counterpart. As such from the usual left to right, we have the following.

White Ceremonial Uniform - (Highest order of dress that is worn for such occassions.)
Temperate Ceremonial Uniform - (Rarely worn. Used for delegations abroad mostly.)
Bush Jacket - (Used from time to time as a step in to the white ceremonial uniform where it is seen as too formal. This may also be worn on delegations both at home and abroad.)
Service Dress - (Used for general service tasks at headquarters and may be used aboard vessels.)
Working Dress  - (The standard working uniform for the navy. Worn by all ranks, usually when working on or around vessels. Can be used on base.)
Land Working Dress - (Essentially the working uniform of the land forces, but with the beret and rank slides of that of the navy. It is only used when on land or on a field excercise. Given its nature, it isn't common for him to wear.)

Credits go out to elMengu, Tenue-de-canada and ComradeMarshal for their respective assets used.
Brigadier Natalis Enbeme Uniform Set
Just your average Land Forces chief of your unnamed British crown subject...

Seen here from left to right, we have BRIG. Enbeme in his ceremonial uniform, "delegation" uniform, safari jacket, service uniforms, one with a regimental waist sash and his working uniform. The delegation uniform is the rarest worn out of the entire set. He would only wear this when going abroad for delegations between other armed forces. The safari jacket stands in for similar duties at home, and is more suitable for wear.

Belt height isn't my usual one this time around. As such, the skirt pockets are much smaller in comparison, and the collar of his delegation uniform droops down more as a result. The breastpockets of his jacket are lower than standard, but appears to be the case on the jacket I took inspiration from.

I apologise for lack of a decent description. I haven't written one in quite some time that it passes me to write anything decent.

Credits go out to elMengu, Tenue-de-canada and ComradeMarshal for their respective assets used.
As of recent, my computer as developed the habit of booting up slowly. We're not talking 5 minutes or 15. No, we're talking around 2 hours to fully boot up to the point where it is in a more normal state. From around an hour after start-up, I am able to do a few things, but they will freeze up. I looked around to see what the issue was and it turns out my main hard drive is giving me some grief. Constantly at 100% disk usage, hence the indicator on my tower constantly remaining. After 2 hours, it dies down and goes back to normal. So from there, I am able to use it as I would any other time. I have taken precautions and made the appropriate measures, but I can't be sure to fully test it. I'll explain just down here.

Today I leave for a 20 day trip over to Indonesia. Whilst it is the usual family visit, it still is a holiday to unwind and forget about any apparent stresses of domestic life. An escape, if you will. Of course, issues will crop up, but being better prepared will pay dividends. In any case, during that time, I'll be even less active than I currently am. And yes, I know I am barely active for the past few months. This isn't due to domestic issues, rather the lack of drive to publish anything. Whilst I could, and should, prepare better and full sets of uniforms of the Makmurian Armed Forces, I often feel bored with that. Leaving it for a little and coming back to it often helps. Suffice to say, I have been working on things behind the scenes, most of which not published. Speaking of which, I'd like to extend an apology to ComradeMarshal in not fully completing the Morning Dress he requested an embarrassing amount of time ago. I have gotten work done on it, but haven't reached a fully complete state. The basic appearance is complete, just some many tweaks to get it to look right. I plan on continuing this when I return, as I do not possess a laptop or such a thing to do pixel uniforms whilst away. I'd love to, though.

With all that said and done. I'll be sure to check out any deviations, journals or what have you once I gain access to some form of wifi. I remember seeing some nice things going on during my trip to the United States last year, and that was only for 7 days. It's not often that I post journals, if at all. This is my first, technically. With all that faffing about past, I wish you all a great day.


No journal entries yet.


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